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Below are a few examples of the commissioned pieces we have produced.

If you would like to find out more about our commission and bespoke glass work please contact us.

This window was commissioned by a local businessman who wanted to replace an old plain window in his home with one that incorporated his family crest.


These are the centre panels, which are fused glass and then incorporated into the stained glass widow.   

This circular sunrise is a very popular design, although usually smaller it was commissioned for a circular window. 


These are made using the same or similar colours and positoned differently thus giving them an individuality.


This window now lives in Gloucestershire.

This is a piece of fused (tack fuse) glass based on our Art Deco style window stands that we make.


Commissioned by a local twining association, it commemorates the 25th anniversary of Lynton and Lynmouth (North Devon) and Benouville (France) twinning. 


This now lives in France.

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